One For The Dreamers Removable Wall Mural

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One For The Dreamers Removable Wall M...

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Peter Pan could fly right off into this night sky wall mural, or maybe the cow would take the opportunity to jump over that moon. Whatever your nursery rhyme or fairy tale, this wall mural is certain to take you away.
Available in 3 sizes: 5 panels (100 inches wide), 7 panels (140 inches wide) & 9 panels (180 inches wide)
*Each panel is 20" wide by 100" tall. Also please note: the mural image remains the same, and is merely cropped depending on the size you choose. The 9 panel size is the full image. The 7 panel, and 5 panel options are cropped views of the larger image. See the 4th product image to the left for a visual example.

One For The Dreamers Removab...
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